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Retreat Association Regional Training Day

How to Lead a Quiet Day with Revd Liz Palin

Wednesday 20th September

The day will look at the many aspects of leading a quiet day: preparing well, exploring a variety of techniques to help people experience 'quiet' and practical issues


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Reiki Master Course

with Torsten Alexander Lange

Monday 25th September - Thursday 28th September

A Reiki Master Course does not necessarily make you a Reiki Master - straight away. But it gives you all the tools to grow into one... Therefore, please don't feel intimidated. You don't need to start teaching straight away - in fact, most Reiki Masters never do. The main reason to join a Reiki Master Course is to understand the full potential of the system of Reiki, and the wish to dedicate your life to Reiki as a spiritual path. It is a profound and wonderful decision to make, and a truly joyous course to do

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What is it that you want?

with Revd Paul Swann

Monday 9th October

A Quiet Day which looks at the question of what we want as well as what God may want of us and for us. With a balance of worship, Biblical reflections, silence and space for personal response


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The Wisdom of Mary for Christian Discipleship

with Revd Canon Dr Georgina Byrne

Friday 13th October - Sunday 15th October

Despite her evident presence in the gospels, Mary is often overlooked as a model for Christian discipleship. This retreat encourages participants to reflect on Mary in four key moments of her life and offers opportunity to ponder our own call to follow her son day by day. In the annunciation and birth narratives we are challenged in how we listen attentively to God, how we discern God's will, and how we test it. We are encouraged by Mary both to prepare and to be surprised by God. We examine Mary's readiness to be taught by Jesus, how she lived as one among many and let her son take the glory. We ponder Mary's participation in the crucifixion and ask what it tells us about how all Christians share in the suffering of the world. Finally we engage with Mary at Easter and Pentecost and think about how we live lives that are fully alive with God's transforming power in our own situation. This retreat will offer meditations on key scriptural texts, making use of images, poetry and music to enable Mary's voice to speak to our own desire to follow her Son as our Saviour

210 residential; 130 non-resident

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Autumn Retreat

Yoga Living with Derek Thorne

Friday 20th October - Sunday 22nd October

The purpose of retreat is to take time out from routine activities and have the opportunity to meditate and focus fully on spiritual practice. The teaching is Advaita Vedanta and the Self enquiry meditation of Atma Vichara. Receiving instruction in a live setting through a teacher who can guide and interpret brings the powerful current of self awareness fully alive. The benefits are increased personal insight, inspiration, confidence of practice and an invigoration for spiritual living. YogaLiving has conducted residential retreats for the past 20 years and has skill in delivering high quality and meaningful retreat experiences

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Yoga Living


Person Centred Approach Network with Sara & Bernard Callen

Friday 27th October - Sunday 29th October

PCANs autumn encounter group has been booked for what will be the last time, at Abbey House, Glastonbury. We have been encountering at Abbey House for more than ten years and it is a popular venue. We shall be very sad not to be able to return after this year. We can recommend the catering, the cheerful accommodating staff, and delegates have access to the Abbey grounds. Glastonbury itself is like nowhere else and the Clarks shopping village at Street is only a couple of miles away!

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Glimpses of Glory

Moments of Transfiguration with Revd Valerie Bonham

Monday 6th November

We will be thinking primarily of the Gospel accounts of Jesus' Transfiguration, but also consider other instances in the Bible where people had glimpses of God's glory. We will conclude with a modern story of a person whose life was transformed and transfigured by an encounter with holiness


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Mindfulness and our Relationships

with Revd Shaun Lambert

Tuesday 7th November - Thursday 9th November

Relationships are at the heart of living life in all its fullness. In this retreat Shaun will show us how to cultivate whole and fulfilling dimensions in our relationships: with God, our own self, others and creation. Even in our most intimate relationships we often run them on automatic scripts, becoming aware of this is the first step in changing those relationships. Shaun will show us some of the other steps along with simple and embodied practices for learning relational and spiritual attention. The retreat will be interactive and dialogic and make full use of Abbey House as a 'thin' place, a place to transcend our self-limitations

200 residential; 120 non-resident

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Deep Awake Training Program

with Tim Freke

Friday 10th November - Sunday 12th November

the 'deep awake training and transformation program' offers advanced spiritual coaching in T!Ms unique approach to awakening it will empower you to guide others to the deep awake state using his philosophical ideas, soul-to-soul meditations, and soul transmutation counselling during the training T!M draws on his decades of experience to share with you what he has learned about how to effectively guide people to the deep awake state this involves both imparting clear information and also enabling you to undergo the personal transformation necessary for you to communicate authentically

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Freeing the Shadow Self

Spirit of the Inca with Chris Waters

Friday 17th November - Monday 20th November

*A Masterclass for those who have begun or completed the Spirit of the Inca Medicine Wheel training.*

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Creating Your Reality and Enjoying Your Life

Law of Attraction Centre with Tracy Friend & Michael James

Friday 24th November - Sunday 26th November

This fully residential, two-night retreat is an unmissable opportunity to explore and experience powerful, life-changing Law of Attraction techniques and insights at a deeper level in the presence of likeminded people. There will also be ample time to relax, rejuvenate and begin to transform your life. Michael James and Tracy Friend will be facilitating this programme of intensive and transformational workshops as we move into a new, more powerful and good-feeling state of well-being than ever before.

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with Andy Percey

Monday 11th December

Deep within each of us there are parts that are searching; wandering, longing for a place to call home. Whether it is the Magi, the shepherds, Mary and Joseph or countless others throughout the centuries ... whether it is you ... Advent is a season for those searchers. Over the course of the day we will have opportunity to engage with poetry, art, scripture and silence as we hear the call of God to come home


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Big thanks too to Rob for being so welcoming as ever. The refreshingly new face of the CoE. Time at Abbey House is always an opportunity to stock up on essential fuel! Thanks

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