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Abbey House

Quiet Days & Retreats for all faiths and paths
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Group Retreats

Many of our retreats are designed as group experiences where input from facilitators, group work, and private time in silence weave together to create an enriching experience.

Tips & Ideas for a Successful Retreat

  • Plan well in advance
  • Create an interesting and attractive programme
  • Publicise your retreat well in advance to your parish (and neighbouring parishes?)
  • Balance the programme to give some free time, some silence - how much depends on the style of your retreat, and some time for people to be able to mix.
  • First time? - Ask us for help.

What to Bring?

Abbey House is situated in the centre of town but within minutes of good country walks and the Tor.

  • Walking gear
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • Camera (we get some spectacular sunsets over the Abbey ruins!)

Read what our visitors have to say ...

I had a very restful and comfortable time on the retreat. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff who looked after us. The food was wonderful and we were made to feel very welcome and cared for.

Rebecca  [ more ]